Go Beyond the Silo of Digital Attribution to Full Customer Attribution

Measuring Digital Attribution Outside of a Silo and Within the Context of the Customer’s World

By Nigel Foote

Beyond the Silo of Digital Attribution

Marketers have sought to understand the impact of all the elements of marketing on revenue and profit — in other words, to properly attribute the contribution of incremental revenue that each tactic delivers. For years, commercial effectiveness analytics and marketing mix modeling fulfilled this function, but as marketing tactics have gone digital the need to understand how they impact customers as well as properly attribute their effects has become increasingly important.

Today there are many “bright and shiny new objects” in the digital attribution space that offer solutions to understanding the impact to digital. Unfortunately, many if not most fail to look at digital through a customer’s lens. This creates a real danger of looking at effectiveness in a digital “silo” removed from the context in which customers really make purchase decisions.


Unlocking the Real Value of your Marketing ROI

Optimizing Net Attribution Across Digital, Social, Offline Marketing and a Broad Range of Commercial Drivers

By Douglas Brooks

Unlocking ROIQuantifying the real impact and value of marketing, especially through digital channels, on short and long-term growth is increasingly more challenging –  executives are too often struggling with increasing marketing budgets but aren’t necessarily seeing the top or bottom-line growth to justify incremental investment.  More and more marketing is impacted by a holistic set of variables that include sales force, product and operational factors as well as external influencers.  Making analysis of marketing ROI even more complicated is the need to understand and accurately attribute the impact of highly granular digital and CRM tactics at an individual customer level.  It’s in these latter areas, where the richness and granular level of the data behind such tactics – coupled with the right predictive analytics and strategic approach – is helping Fortune 1000 companies create holistic, more precise targeting and high-value commercial optimization capabilities.