Sequent Partners Whitepaper: Driving More Profitable Business Investments with Holistic Commercial Effectiveness Analysis

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Through our recent work in assessing the ROI measurement landscape, Sequent Partners has seen a tidal shift in sentiment toward marketing mix modeling. Long a stalwart of corporate finance and marketing, some people still view mix models as too slow, too macro and too backwards-looking. The speed and agility of digital attribution modeling flickers ahead, like the glittering lights of Las Vegas against the starkness of the desert night, and marketers are urgently thinking about ROI measurement and driving business investments with ROI insights—at the tempo and granularity of today’s decision-making.

But there’s something else happening. Something more important. Digital attribution, no matter how sophisticated, is still solely about a marketer’s digital investment. It rarely takes into account the impact of traditional marketing and other important factors. Historically, marketing mix models—again, no matter how sophisticated—have been about the marketing and media mix, which can represent as little as 10% of corporate budgets, depending upon the industry. It’s evident to us that in many industries, successful marketing, both traditional and digital, is highly dependent on not only working together, but also working with sales, operations and other important internal investment areas. We’ve come to realize that too much of the dialogue in analytics is focused on the digital and offline marketing silos.

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Go Beyond the Silo of Digital Attribution to Full Customer Attribution

Measuring Digital Attribution Outside of a Silo and Within the Context of the Customer’s World

By Nigel Foote

Beyond the Silo of Digital Attribution

Marketers have sought to understand the impact of all the elements of marketing on revenue and profit — in other words, to properly attribute the contribution of incremental revenue that each tactic delivers. For years, commercial effectiveness analytics and marketing mix modeling fulfilled this function, but as marketing tactics have gone digital the need to understand how they impact customers as well as properly attribute their effects has become increasingly important.

Today there are many “bright and shiny new objects” in the digital attribution space that offer solutions to understanding the impact to digital. Unfortunately, many if not most fail to look at digital through a customer’s lens. This creates a real danger of looking at effectiveness in a digital “silo” removed from the context in which customers really make purchase decisions.