Google Launches Marketing Mix Model Partners Program with Marketing Management Analytics

MMA is proud to partner with Google in helping brands understand the impact of their marketing. “The ability to collect and analyze digital data at extremely granular levels enables both marketers and their advertising partners to more successfully measure, predict and action the most effective and profitable means of optimizing each digital channel to achieve […]

Measuring Marketing Campaign Performance: Do you know what you need to measure it properly?

As pointed out by Doug Brooks of MMA, to do it effectively and accurately it has to be approached holistically.  The collection of marketing and media variables with the correct metrics is important but gathering data to represent all of the other drivers and drags of the business is equally important.  Knowing what data needs […]

Leading Analytics and Data Management Company Marketing Management Analytics (MMA) Opens Office in Central London

MMA, North America’s leading analytic and data management consultancy continues to expand its team and operations in order to support its growing, global client base New York, New York, Feb 25, 2016 – Marketing Management Analytics (MMA), a global leader in helping Fortune 500 companies leverage predictive analytics to plan, execute, forecast and optimize their […]

Marketing Management Analytics (MMA) Posts Fifth Consecutive Year of Double-Digit Growth, Closing 2015 Up 15%

In the past 5 years MMA has driven organic growth of 303% while creating billions of dollars of incremental value for its clients New York, New York, February 23, 2016 – Marketing Management Analytics, (MMA), a leader in leveraging “big data” in commercial effectiveness, marketing mix and pricing analytics since 1989, posted its fifth consecutive […]

Marketing Management Analytics (MMA) Reports 26% Growth in First Half of 2015 Posting 18 Consecutive Quarters of Record Growth

  MMA’s Commercial Effectiveness and data driven solutions in predictive analytics continue to drive measurable, material value and growth for MMA’s clients New York, New York., July 14, 2015 – Marketing Management Analytics, (MMA), a leader in commercial effectiveness and marketing mix modeling since 1989 announced its eighteenth consecutive  quarter of record growth with revenues […]

Top Analytic Executive from Procter & Gamble Joins MMA to Lead Value Creation and Client Growth Agenda

  MMA hires top analytic executive from P&G as MMA continues its focus on providing clients with leadership capable of driving value and transformation New York, New York, June 30, 2015 – Marketing Management Analytics (MMA), a leader in helping Fortune 500 companies leverage predictive analytics to plan, execute, forecast and optimize their marketing, pricing, […]