The combination of skilled experts and AI/ML driven analytics are enabling marketers to leverage proven, validated unified insights to build more effective marketing plans that help transform brands and drive improved financial results


Unified Marketing Measurement Executives

We are very excited at Ipsos MMA to have Charlie, Roopa, and Lakshimi having joined us to help shape and continue to innovate the most advanced Unified Marketing Measurement solution in the industry. Why? Because they are proven leaders who have applied their knowledge and expertise to create incremental value for brands across a diverse set of industries.

Today’s Unified Marketing Measurement solutions use very large, granular, diverse data sets to gain a holistic understanding of the impact of paid, owned and earned marketing, pricing, promotions, salesforce, operations, competition and macroeconomic factors on financial performance. With advancements in technology, the rise of first-party data, and rapid improvement in AI/ML capabilities, these solutions are now more predictive than ever, allowing businesses to anticipate future and synergistic trends as well as changes due to consumer behavior.  But for many companies, these powerful, data-driven and AI/ML enabled solutions are new or even foreign to how they have historically gone to market and allocated budgets – and the gap to integrate doesn’t usually lie in the analytics, but in their understanding and how to apply and leverage them.

We have consistently seen companies that leverage unified marketing measurement solutions materially out-perform those that don’t – especially in the past few years given the changes in the data landscape. This is in terms of sales, operating profits and MROI, as well as (and very importantly) brand equity – something many companies are struggling with these days following an over-indulgence in price, promotion and performance marketing to the detriment of brand marketing. Achieving success has been defined by an understanding of the need to partner with seasoned executives who understand how it all works to drive both short and long-term financial objectives and who can connect the value-proposition across and up-and-down the organization – not just the analytics but also the proof points and validation that builds understanding and trust.